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Make Your Embedded Videos Look Less Like *Vimeo* and More Like *You*

There’s a phrase in the design world: Good Design is Seldom Noticed. Meaning: good design is the expectation, and people notice if something looks off or doesn’t work properly. Embedded videos can be a great example of this.

Noticeably Bad Design

You’ve probably watched a video on someone’s website that was clearly embedded from YouTube or Vimeo and filled with distracting pop-ups, suggested videos, and YouTube/Vimeo’s logo, colors, etc. At best, this can be distracting from the video’s message; and at worst, this can be frustrating enough for the user to leave the page.

Seldom Noticed Good Design

On the contrary, you may have never noticed that an embedded video on a company’s website was hosted on Vimeo, because they adjusted their embed settings to align the branding with their look and feel. They’ll swap the Vimeo logo for theirs, the blue ‘play’ button for one of their brand colors, and random suggested videos at the end of their video for a blank slide or call-to-action.

Cleaning up your Vimeo embeds on your website has many benefits. It:

  • Reinforces your brand’s identity: logo, color scheme, brand voice, etc.

  • Focuses your audience’s limited attention by removing distracting video suggestions at the end.

  • May help drive conversions and sales by promoting an offer with the call-to-action or image at the end of the video.

In Vimeo, you can set up embed presets where you plug in all your desired settings one time and are able to select the preset when you upload a new video going forward. After helping a few clients with this, I put together a PDF guide walking you through how to do this, which you can download below.


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